Monday, May 2, 2016

Independence for Content and Layout - Moving away from blogger

Perhaps it's about time. Move on. Try something different. The way I write and need to publish content changed in the past years. Most of the time, I write either in plain text, Markdown or more recently in Asciidoc. I believe plain text, or slightly enhanced plain text formats, represent a much easier solution to deal with on different platforms. Easy for versioning.

I consider content to be fluid. It must fit different formats to represent it properly. This brings me to the next wish: having a modern, easy to maintain design for my blog. I struggle with the template system and the way templates are organized in blogger. Making changes to the layout feels restricting and complex. There are a couple of instructions out there to tweak the hell out of blogger and bend it to your will. But it all seems like tweaks to me. Blogger works for a lot of cases and people out of the box. In my case, I want to experiment freely and make adjustments to my blog. Without the experience of being slowed down by the system. Blogger represents still a great way for people to get started with blogging. Minimal investment and solid foundation. I Believe, that I grew out of this whole system over time. I feel like I want more space, more breathing room.

In the next couple of weeks, I will move to a different space. I haven't made a decision yet. There are a lot of cool static site generators that I'd like to explore. When I made a decision, you will be notified.
I'll keep all the old content here. Nothing is about to go, but there won't be many new posts in the future.

Sometimes, you want to say good bye to say hello.

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