Monday, April 18, 2011

Jenkins OSX installer

Two weeks ago, I started to work on a simple OSX installer for Jenkins. Last week my work was accepted by Kohsuke and submitted to the repository. Now you can find the installer for the lastest Jenkins release here.

What does the installer do?
  • copies the jenkins.war to /Applications/Jenkins
  • create a simple LaunchAgent property file (org.jenkins-ci.plist) and add Jenkins as a service
    with a specific JENKINS_HOME location in /Users/Shared/
  • start the new Jenkins service after the installation finished
That's it basically.

You can find the installer project on github.

Friday, April 15, 2011

What I did last Thursday: Attending the "Continuous Integration Summit" at LinkedIn HQ

Last week I went to down Mountain View to attend the Continuous Integration Summit. The Event was hosted by LinkedIn in their HQ. I think there were about 100 attendees for this event and the demos from LinkedIn employees about their build system was very interesting. jfrog showed some interesting features for a tighter integration between jenkins und artifactory (for build artifact publishing). Kohsuke Kawaguchi (Jenkins) presented the current state of the Jenkins project and what has changed since the fork from hudson happened. Hans Dockter demoed gradle and how it helps to simplify the build process. All together an event that was worth the time spent. I'm looking forward to the next Summit and a much greater audience.


Bay Bridge or Donut? Or both?


Monday, April 11, 2011

Bike tour through the hills of my new Hometown

Today I did a tour with my bike from Castro Valley to San Ramon. It was a good exercise and finally the hills have not been as steep as I assumed in the beginning. But it was still enough for someone from the flat land in northern Germany. ;-)

After 4,3 mi (7 km) I had some trouble with my back tire: due to little stones and glass on the shoulder, I got a flat tire that I had to replace instantly next to the street. After I changed the tube, my fingers were totally black and full of oil and dirt. Lesson learned: better keep your bike in clean condition, to avoid looking like having the hands of a mine worker. zatter 

The google maps track can be found here.

This is shortly before entering San Ramon