Tuesday, September 1, 2015

1st Electron-Shell User Group Meetup

I went to the 1st Bay Area Electron-Shell User Group Meetup last Tuesday, 8/25/2016. The meetup was hosted by (WagonHQ) in San Francisco’s Mission district. It started at 6pm and was scheduled to last until 9pm. The nice folks at WagonHQ provided some food and drinks for all attendees.
The Agenda for this meetup is available (here).
There was a good crowd of interested engineers (between 40 and 60 people). Some of them were already using electron-shell in one or the other project.

The Talks

There were 4 tech talks for this event:
  • The History of Electron (Kevin Sawicki - Engineer at GitHub)
  • Integrating with Native Code (Paul Betts - Engineer at Slack)
  • Electron, React, and Haskell. Oh my! (Mike Craig - CTO at Wagon)
  • Making a web app feel native (Ben Gotow - Engineer at Nylas)
The talks covered different parts of app development and the specialities of building a cross platform desktop app with web technolgy. A lot of questions around styling, using node modules, write your own node modules, call C# APIs to integrate with Windows, call Objective-C to integrate better with OSX and app packaging (I might have missed something).
I’m looking forward to attend the next meetup. I think that some attendees might have tried electron-shell for their own projects and have some eperiences to share.