Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Improve your productivity

My main profession is to write software. Typing on keyboards is essential as well as moving the mouse around to point and click.
Since my early days in this industry I like to learn the "essential" keyboard shortcuts for every software I use on a daily basis. Learning the "right" shortcuts will improve your working speed and therefore the overall productivity, since you don't need to switch between keyboard and mouse that often.
I use Eclipse for my daily work a lot. Lately I found a plug-in called MouseFeed which helps me to improve my knowledge of shortcuts even further.
What is the plug in supposed to do? Well, basically for every function that you use the mouse for and there is a corresponding keyboard shortcut available, it'll show up a little yellow popup dialog with the shortcut to remember. This is pretty neat and helps you to remember the shortcut and avoids the usage of the mouse.

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