Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Strange Compile Error in Flex Builder

Yesterdy I started a small project in Flex Builder. But I was stuck in the middle of the night, since Flex Builder complained about something in my source code. The Problems View in Flex Builder displayed the following error:

Wow, what a precise error message. Right-click for more information brought me to a very generic webpage telling me, that I could have probably found a compiler error. Great! First time ever that I discovered a compiler error. But wait: I bing'ed (can you say this?) for the error message, to see if somebody already reported this. BING! Match. And here we go:

The solution was pretty easy and documented here.

I searched my source code and found this line:

Have you noticed the first "=" instead of the ":"? Lucky you! It took me far too much time to discover this typo.

Fixing this typo and the error went away.

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