Monday, April 26, 2010

V1.3 software update for the nook

Last week Barnes&Noble released version 1.3 of their nook Software. I was really excited about this version, since I hoped that B&N improves the overall performance of the nook. I updated my nook and after restarting the device, I opened the last book I was reading and it opened up much faster than before (which I didn't measure, just my feeling).

The overall performance improvements in regards of page flipping and opening documents was more than I expected. I have some large PDF documents on my nook and they opened much faster than before. Great!

There much more features added then I would have asked for. My current favorite is
Add highlight or note
which works in epub and PDF documents. Even if this feature is not bug-free yet (sometimes the cursor movement is not predictable)

Click here for a complete list of improvements.

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