Monday, April 5, 2010

Bugfix for Project-Sprouts

A couple of days ago I setup Project-Sprouts on my Mac. I usually use maven with flex-mojos to build my Flex projects, but I wanted to have something that creates the TestRunner class and adds the necessary dependencies (in this case asUnit) to my project.
So I decided to give Project-Sprouts a try.

After updating my RubyGems installation I was able to install everything and create my first project.

Calling rake (per documentation) and downloading several other necessary stuff (flex sdk, flashplayer, asunit) the execution of the mxmlc failed with a weird error (at least for me). Rake failed while executing the mxmlc command. I started to investigate on this error and found out, that the mxmlc wrapper shell script had the wrong line endings (in this case for Windows). I opened the wrapper shell script and fixed this temporarily, to see if my analysis was correct (it was). Since I'm not really experienced with rake and the whole infrastructure, I postponed my further exercise with this toolchain to monday night in order to get things fixed. But now I discovered that Luke Bayes already found the problem and provided a fix for it. I updated Project-Sprouts with the latest version and now it's working "out of the Box". Thanks.

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