Monday, October 12, 2015

What I've learnt today

Here is a list of things I have learnt today. Things to remember for myself and to reflect on.
  1. AppCode has a simple, yet very useful CocoaPods integration. Easily create a podfile and fill in your dependencies. AppCode will provide you with a button to install your dependencies. Bonus: if you remove a dependency from your podfile, AppCode will give the uninstall button. Keeps your project directory neat and tidy. You can do this on the command line too, but it fits perfectly into the IDE.
  2. Swift playground in XCode 7.0.1 on El Capitan 10.11 sucks! I had so many crashes in the playground, that I had to restart XCode several times to get it back working.
  3. Swift and Objective-C seem to have a "Love and Hate" relationship? Why, you might ask? I tried to use some library that was written in Objective-C with my Swift project. It took a good amount of work to navigate around those little compile errors and find alternative ways to use the library anyways. But it was painful and not fun at all. What I did? I created a custom XML deserializer for Alamofire with Ono.

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