Sunday, January 18, 2009

Strange MacOSX problems

Today I was helping a friend of mine to upgrade the memory of her little cute iMac. She bought two 512MB Memory modules which were supposed to give her Mac a boost. But then happened is more than weird (at least for me).
I plugged in the new modules and the max didn't start up. It beeped everal times (I think two times in a row) and nothing happened. I removed the memory modules and replaced them with the old ones. Now the iMac was back to life but the system clock was now set to 1/1/1970. Hhm, that is strange. I changed the system memory and nothing else.
Now the whole story was about to drive me mad. The dialup settings seemed to be resetted too and the Network Preferences always showed a message saying "Your network settings have been changed by another application".
But who changed the settings? It wasn't me at all. Due to the repeating upcoming dialog I was really upset. Someone changed the setting and I'm unable to change them back? Silly! This is a Mac. I'm the boss on this machine. So after two hours on trying to resolve this problem I had to leave. I left the machine in a real unusable state and my friend was really sad that I messed up everything. It was a real embarrassing feeling that I got from this.
Now I need to figure out what happened. Perhaps this thread could help me. I'll be back on Tuesday to look again after the machine. Since I was unable to change the network settings I was unable to repair the dialup settings (where is the f***ing password?) and let my friend read her email again.
Did anyone of you ever had such a bad experience?

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